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The Fitness Freaks, group workout programs consists of the most varied and progressive timetable of fitness and exercise classes in the North East. We pride ourselves on constantly innovating, moving forward and bringing the very latest and best to Paramount. 

Group workouts are the perfect way to stay motivated and train with friends. We have an extensive range of classes and workouts; our current timetable can be found below.


Remember, our Group workouts are constantly reviewed and may change from time to time in line with updates to our class program.  This is done to ensure we are constantly meeting the requirements of our members. To keep updated on new classes, special offers and events, 'Like' us on Facebook or ask at reception.

The 'Group Workouts' listed below are included in our premium membership package with discounts available for those with standard membership packages. Non members are always welcome to attend our classes.

Contact the gym for detailed class timetable.

Are you a Fitness Instructor or thinking of becoming one?

Why not consider starting up your own business teaching and running Paramount Academy Exercise Classes. We offer training and education programs for Level 2 (or higher) fitness professionals. Email us via our contact page for more info.

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